PIM International March 2021: Key Thought Leadership Article

Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) International has watched the binder jetting market grow up and has had clear insight into the role ExOne has played getting it to where it is today. So I was incredibly honored when they asked me to tell the story of how we got here and how ExOne feels about all the new buzz in the increasingly competitive (and still young) marketplace for binder jetting. I never knew him, but I found myself hoping Larry Rhoades would be proud … #MakeMetalGreen

Biofabrication of Hybrid Scaffolds

Most scaffolds used in bioprinting today are made up of a single material. In recent years, mixtures of materials within scaffolds have become quite common to achieve mechanical or clinical objectives. For example, embedding ceramic particles within a thermoplastic material can deliver a compromise between the mechanical and biological properties of both materials. Another common method is applying coatings to the surface of a scaffold, to increase cell adhesion or add drug-releasing features. W

The Fourth Industrial Revolution -- It's Here

October 2 is Manufacturing Day, and the upcoming event is not merely some quaint memorable nod to the past. Over the past three years, #MFGday has become so successful - more than 440,000 people have participated - that many will actually celebrate manufacturing throughout the month. Most of those who have participated in these events are truly surprised by what they see. The truth is, manufacturing is undergoing a tremendous change that isn't widely understood. During one of the recent GOP p

Sarah Webster: Making the things that make things

A pleasure to be joined by Sarah Webster, the Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Manufacturing Media. While Sarah and I agree that American manufacturing is coming back, we also agree that we will never fully regain our dominance until we dominate the manufacture of the tools and technologies needed to manufacture things… The Five Key Takeaways from today’s conversation: 1. We discuss the state of our manufacturing infrastructure. 2. Can the US really recapture leadership in manufacturing? How did w

Engineering Is 'Pure Michigan'

Did you know that Michigan has more engineers per capita than any other state in the nation? That's a fact that could soon be trumpeted nationwide in the style of the state's "Pure Michigan" tourism campaign, if Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM) gets their way. The group has been studying ways to grow Michigan's economy, based on the state's existing assets. In a report released today, the BLM calls for championing Michigan as a hotbed for engineers. Or, as they put it, "a Global Engineering